Medical Transcription for Clinics and Physician Groups

Medical Transcription for Clinics and Physician Groups

Med-Scribe provides a web-based document management system that allows management of all parts of the transcription process. This saves clinics and physician groups time and money. Our company has many years of experience in delivering quality services to numerous healthcare facilities.

Medical Transcription for Clinics

Medical Transcription For Clinics

Our company provides medical transcription services that clinics can highly benefit from. Health care professionals can feel confident in our experience and skills. Our company maintains constant communication with your facility. This ensures precision and accuracy in the transcripts you send.

We want your clinic to have the necessary time to devote to your patients. To make this happen, we offer these transcription services of all your patient documents. Our high quality management system ensures that your files are properly secured to access at any time. Physicians are able to electronically sign documents and print remotely if desired.

How We Serve Physician Groups

We are dedicated to providing our services to the hospital, medical physician groups, regardless of the practice size. Whether your practice is affiliated with a hospital, or independently operated, we can provide you with medical transcription services.

When you are ready to send us your files, our web management program simplifies the process. Once you've uploaded your files, we can quickly transcribe and edit them with our audio editing system. If you're recording on a mobile device, we will transcribe those documents as well.

What We Offer

Our company understands that our customers value quality services. That is why we provide different options with numerous benefits. Regardless if you want partial or full outsourcing, you can expect:

  • Zero management contracts
  • Detailed reports at any time
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ability to select distribution options
  • Multiple dictation options
  • Software upgrades at no additional cost

Our customer service guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to address any of your questions or concerns with us. Our services allow you to focus on providing quality health care to your patients. We will handle your documents for you.

Contact Us For Transcription Services

If you are in need of medical transcription for clinics, hospital, medical physician group, or you are another healthcare facility, we have you covered. Contact us at any time and we will find the right service for your needs. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with your healthcare facility.

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