Huntsville Hospital System Preserves Jobs by Outsourcing and Onboarding with MedScribe Information Systems

Huntsville Hospital System Preserves Jobs by Outsourcing and Onboarding with MedScribe Information Systems

Naples, Fl., (Marketwired - October 1, 2014) - Med-Scribe Information Systems today announced that is has successfully implemented its integrated back-end speech transcription solution for Huntsville Hospital and other affiliated hospitals. As early adapters of back-end speech recognition solutions that drive lower documentation costs for healthcare entities and providers, Med-Scribe has combined over 20-plus years of committed U.S. labor with advances in speech recognition that take the guesswork out of promised ROI's.Based in Huntsville, Al., Huntsville Hospital is the 2nd largest hospital in Alabama and the 6th largest publically-owned hospital in the U.S. As the flagship hospital for Huntsville Hospital System with 881 total beds, the system also owns and operates Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children, as well as 60-bed Madison Hospital which opened in February of 2012. Affiliated hospitals of the system's ACO network include: 101-bed Athens Limestone, 185-bed Helen Keller, 25-bed Red Bay, 273-bed Decatur General, 120-bed Parkway, 98-bed Lawrence Medical Center, Huntsville Heart Center, and a multi-specialty physician network.

In today's healthcare environment of constant cost pressures, Huntsville Health System was diligently searching for ways to reduce operational expenses. As a publicly-owned hospital with deep ties to the communities that they serve, Huntsville Hospital was also opposed to cost reduction that resulted in loss of employment.

Med-Scribe's ability to deliver Huntsville Health System with a web-based document management system that leveraged a single, cloud-based speech architecture for efficient back-end speech recognition editing was exactly the technology piece that Huntsville Health System needed to complement and enhance the efficiency of their existing electronic health record infrastructure.  In addition, Med-Scribe's ability to onboard Huntsville Health's existing transcription staff meant that this could be accomplished without the termination of any employee.
"Huntsville Health System takes pride in providing leading edge patient care in our communities in which we are privileged to serve." said Hanah Boon, RHIA, and HIM Director for Huntsville Hospital. "We have been impressed with Med-Scribe's commitment to service, quality, and enhancing the efficiency of our documentation workflow. They had been on our radar screen for some time while doing an excellent job already for some of our affiliated hospitals and their promised ROI's have resulted in thousands saved for our system. To me, however, the decision to choose Med-Scribe was made much easier by their approach to onboarding our long-term employees in the department and ensuring they could keep doing the job they have done for most of their life... with the ability to work from home with full benefits provided by Med-Scribe!"

Another factor that influenced the decision of Huntsville Hospital was the Price:

Med-Scribe offers acute care facilities a Speech Adoption Guarantee... this guarantee effectively caps the billing rate at the midpoint between the traditional transcription rate and editing rate... ensuring that a promised ROI... regardless of a failed outcome... will be realized. In addition, if speech adoption exceeds the guaranteed minimum, the client is rewarded with discounted pricing as speech adoption continues to increase... thus rewarding the client's buy-in of the overall process.

Other products and services and services provided to Huntsville Health System include:

  • Scalable, U.S-based transcription and back-end speech recognition editing services.
  • ChartNet Enterprise for Transcription - a workload management solution that includes integrated voice capture and speech recognition, transcription and editing, web-based real-time management consoles and dashboards, access to a comprehensive library of management reporting.
  • Customized workflow enhancements for Pain Management, Diagnostic Cardiology.
  • Technology solutions for Pathology allowing legacy voice capture servers to be eliminated
  • Customized report distribution to client's EHR repository via HL7 real-time interface
  • Auto-faxing of completed reports to staff and non-staff physicians.

"At Med-Scribe, we view ourselves as workflow consultants and enjoy customizing solutions for our clients that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately improve patient care." said John Langley, Med-Scribe owner and President since being founded in 1992. "A lot of give-and-take goes into making an implementation a successful one. But it doesn't stop there... day-to-day customer service makes the relationship a partnership... and I wouldn't have it any other way."

About Med-Scribe:

Med-Scribe Information Systems has built a solid reputation delivering quality medical documentation solutions to hospitals and physicians on a national scale. By combining the latest advancements in back-end speech understanding with U.S. based medical language specialists, Med-Scribe delivers on its promise to enrich the content of the electronic health record by allowing dictated physician narrative , enhance documentation integrity , and deliver financial ROI objectives that are backed by Med-Scribe's speech adoption guarantee.

To learn more about this guarantee and Med-Scribe in general, contact Mike Irwin, VP of Sales and Marketing,, 1-800-329-1601 ext. 290.

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