Managing a Successful Implementation of New Medical Transcription Solutions.

Managing a Successful Implementation of New Medical Transcription Solutions.

Unwanted Change. Resource Drain. Disruption. These are thoughts that may come to mind when considering implementing a new service or solution for your facility. At Med-Scribe we realize that many health information professionals have these same concerns regarding implementing a new medical transcription solution.

That is why Med-Scribe has created an implementation program that places the needs of our customers first. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of our customer's needs and requirements, as well as a structured planning process to ensure all activities during the project are fully addressed and completed. We realize that a well-structured, detailed project - that promotes frequent communication - will minimize many of the pitfalls often associated with implementing a new transcription solution.

Med-Scribe Approaches the Implementation Process In Three Stages:

The implementation project is not considered complete until transcription operations are fully stabilized.

  1. Needs Assessment/Discovery: In depth meetings with key staff to discuss management requirements, workflow and process improvement, interfaces, document templates, special instructions and physician lists.
  2. Project Planning: Development of a customized, detailed project plan, including key tasks, deliverables and timeline. A dedicated team including project manager, transcription manager, client services staff and IT manager, collaborate with client team to implement the transcription solution. Regular calls and meetings are conducted to track progress of plan and ensure timeline is met. Med-Scribe VP of HIM Services oversees the overall implementation process. The project plan is continuously updated and distributed.
  3. Implementation and Account Management: Once the client is ready for go-live, the Med-Scribe project manager will come on site to complete training, monitor the transition and troubleshoot any issues. The project is not considered complete until the client agrees that all operations are fully stabilized. The Project Manager then transitions into the role of Account Manager and establishes and communicates an ongoing service program for the new client.

Staff Training

HIM Staff

The Med-Scribe Project Manager will provide training to Client staff. Training will include instruction on the use of the Med-Scribe ChartNet™ documents management system, which provides the ability to monitor transcribed jobs and turnaround time, access, edit, print and distribute transcribed reports and run management reports.

Dictating Physicians

Normally physicians at the new customer location will experience no change in workflow. They will dictate as normal; we can replicate dictation process and work types as currently used. If necessary, Med-Scribe will provide on-site training to physicians regarding use of the document management and e-signature applications.

System Interfaces

Set-up and testing will be performed to establish HL7 (or other suitable) interfaces for both ADT transfer and completed report upload. Multiple end to end events will be tested and validated by Med-Scribe and client prior to go-live.

We look forward to learning about your health information operations, and discussing how Med-Scribe might help your facility achieve its goals.

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