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Choosing A Medical Transcription Services Organization

More medical offices today are using technology to benefit their documentation. Some practices use various electronic health recording (EHR) software to keep track of dictations and patient files. Medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) offer personalized services that help streamline documentation and transcription tasks. This saves medical practices time and money. What Does a Medical Transcription…
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Make Quality Assurance A Priority

Every medical practice wants to make sure they're delivering quality care in every aspect of their practice. Whether it's taking care of patients or providing accurate documentation, quality is essential. The problem is that most medical practices have their hands full with patients and extensive note-taking. So, why is quality assurance important and how can…
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Medical Transcription Challenges and How Your Practice Can Rise Above Them

Gone are the days when medical transcriptionists sat behind desks with headsets and foot pedals. In fact, most providers today manage their own dictation and documentation process. Technology has come so far that most medical practices have efficient transcription software to help them keep accurate records. Common Medical Transcription Challenges With today's technology also comes…
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Bibliography – EHR-related Articles and Studies

Compile date: June, 2014 The following articles and research studies document the on-going crisis in healthcare documentation resulting from the inefficiencies of many EHR-based clinical documentation workflows. Online Periodicals: Leventhal, Rajiv, "Premier Survey: Many Providers Remain Dissatisfied With EHRs, Despite Heavy Investments", Healthcare Informatics, June 2, 2014, Chesanow, Neil, "Doctors are Talking: EHRs Destroy…
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