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Medical Transcription Services for Hospitals

Med-Scribe offers a wide range of medical transcription services for hospitals. We provide consistent services with excellence and integrity. We hire qualified employees to take care of your transcription needs. Our full-service transcription services, allows hospitals to focus on providing amazing patient care. Why Use Medical Transcription Services? We are a reputable company that specializes…
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Medical Transcription

Whether you are a hospital, physicians group, or health care clinic, you likely spend numerous hours caring for patients. Many of those hours are spent recording healthcare information on those patients. Multiple steps go into daily recording information and keeping it current. What Is Medical Transcription? Medical transcription is the act of processing voice-recorded reports…
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Med-Scribe’s Hybrid Solution to Medical Documentation In An EMR Environment

Many in the EMR industry have long forecasted the demise of the medical transcription industry. However medical transcription still continues to exist and this industry is starting to see an uptick in the dictation volumes in the past 18 months. The EMR vendors have aggressively sold their software by convincing physicians that transcription was an…
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Unintentional Consequences of EHR Solutions

With the passage of the HTECH Act and with the AARA funding initiative in full swing, many healthcare facilities and physician practices have been pressured to achieve "Meaningful Use" attestation by implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution. Although extremely beneficial to the advancement of clinical decision making, these solutions are often implemented with the…
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