Make Quality Assurance A Priority

Make Quality Assurance A Priority

Every medical practice wants to make sure they're delivering quality care in every aspect of their practice. Whether it's taking care of patients or providing accurate documentation, quality is essential. The problem is that most medical practices have their hands full with patients and extensive note-taking. So, why is quality assurance important and how can you make it a priority in your practice?

Importance of Quality Assurance in Your Medical Practice

Whether they lack the time or knowledge, not all medical practices make quality a priority. There are certain government accountability standards that they must follow but that's where the standard stops. When you're only striving to meet the minimum standards, your practice won't last.

Patients and providers rely on accurate records for short-and long-term care. Providers use those records to treat patients properly. If something isn't documented correctly, the patient will not receive the treatment they need or deserve. Inaccurate documentation can also result in issues with patient privacy.

Setting High Standards
All healthcare facilities have to make sure they meet government privacy standards. Each facility may use a different electronic health record (EHR) system or another system for documenting records. Also, each provider has a unique style of documenting and transcribing their patients' notes.

As long as the requirements are met, there is no harm in medical offices using their own styles and systems. However, you need to make sure you're not sacrificing quality to produce more quantity. Every medical practice should prioritize quality assurance for the benefit of the practice and the patients.

Establishing Specific Standards
If you manage a practice you need to set standards that are clear and concise for the staff. For example, make sure the team knows exactly how to format records and where to save them. Documents usually go through several hands before they're saved in the patient's file. Each team that handles the documentation process needs to know exactly what to do with the document.

Use A Quality Assurance Specialist
If you can afford to hire a quality assurance specialist in your practice, then consider researching companies. A quality assurance specialist will come behind your staff and coach them on meeting your standards. If you hire a specialist, it's a good idea to give them initial coaching on specific translation or dictation standards you have in place.

Their job is to enforce the standards you've already set in your practice. Of course, they may have helpful suggestions on how to increase quality at various stages of documentation.

Expect Your Staff to Meet Quality Standards
Establishing standards and ensuring they are met is vital to the success of your practice. A quality assurance specialist will help you meet your expectations. While it's up to you to create goals and standards, a specialist will help your staff stay focused on those goals.

Making quality assurance a priority in your medical practice to make sure you comply with patient privacy and proper care. The quality of health care documentation will protect your practice and ensure excellent patient care.

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