Team Member Testimonials

Team Member Testimonials

“I have been employed as a medical transcriptionist for 20 plus years. I came to Med-Scribe 9 years ago and have never looked back.

I was employed with another firm for several years when the industry started to change dramatically due to new healthcare regulations, electronic medical records, etc. Even though I was part of the management team at my previous employer, when things changed they changed in a dramatic and disturbing fashion. They fired the entire management team, and although they kept me on, they hired a new CEO and the whole company took a turn for the worse. They no longer cared about their employees, the transcriptionists, etc. I ended up resigning from that position because in good conscience I could no longer be part of this company and did not agree with their total disregard for their employees.

I looked into many companies and even worked for a few, but then I became employed at Med-Scribe. I can honestly say that I have never worked for a better team of people or a company that is so fair and employee oriented. They take into consideration the work flow and adjust accordingly so that MTs or those in Speech Recognition do not run out of work. The management team cannot be beat. They are always sending updates, letting us know when things change on each account or feedback from the doctors. They also let us know when we are doing things right! Which is rare these days. They also listen!

The platform they use is easy to use. In my 9 plus years with the company it has never gone down for more than a few minutes at a time! Our technical support is excellent. Whenever I have had a problem (which is rare) the technical team was on the phone with me immediately and had be back up and running usually in minutes. It was usually something I did versus an issue on their end.

The management team is also flexible. They realize things come up when working from home such as Internet outages, personal issues, etc., and are always willing to work with us when these issues arise.

As far as payroll, I have never run into any problems with lines not being paid or not being paid on time, etc. Our payroll department has hit the mark each and every time over 9 years!

They offer very comparable medical insurance as well as disability, etc. They offer a 401K and are always encouraging us to take advantage of these programs and they make them as affordable for us as they can. If rates go up nationally they are immediately looking for ways to help their employees in this regard.

This company truly cares about their employees and trying to make a nice fit for both the employee and the company. They care about the work we produce and how to make us better at what we do.

I feel very lucky to have landed at Med-Scribe and hope I never have to go elsewhere. If it comes to that, I would probably just go into a new career instead of trying to find another company to work for as an MT.”

I have been working for Med-Scribe since March of 2009. I had worked for other Medical Transcription Service Organizations in the past, as well as in-house at 3 different hospitals, but Med-Scribe is the only organization I have been able to actually advance in. I started out working straight transcription. Within 2 short years, I was offered CSR duties, learning a lot of what goes on before and after those jobs come into my queue for transcription and getting to know some of our clients better through their phone calls. In 2014 I was switched from transcription to Level 2 editing while maintaining my CSR duties. The MT management team is very professional, helpful and congenial. In the ever-changing world of Medical Transcription, I feel I’ve found a home at Med-Scribe, where I’ve never felt like just a number, and many times have felt like I was part of a family.

I have been an employee of Med-Scribe for about 5 years now. The words I would use to describe Med-Scribe are professional and fair. The supervisors, Colette and Peggy, and the trainer, Ann, all seem to care and have my best interest at heart. If I have a question or concern, I just E-mail or call and they reply to me quickly. I appreciate the fact that they have found an account that is a good fit for me and leave me on it, not switching me around every week to learn a different account. The work is steady and ChartNet is very user friendly. When I have a Human Resource issue, Cyndi is always very helpful. If I have a computer question, Michael is always there to help. It is a big enough company that things are run in a very professional way, but a small enough company that you build working relationships with the staff and they know you by your name and not just your number.

I started out in a hospital years ago and the work was outsourced. I was immediately thrown into this world of production and working from home. I was nervous and fearful mostly of the unknown. I soon came to realize though that who doesn’t like to work in their pajamas until they decide to get dressed every day? Who doesn’t like to be able to greet their children when they come home from school? I am a single mom of 3 boys. Most single moms do not get to spend a lot of time at home with their children but Med-Scribe has made that possible for me. My time is valuable, so I also enjoy the fact that I do not have to deal with unwanted distractions that can come with working in an office environment. I get a hot cup of coffee every morning, sit down, set my timer, do a power hour with no distractions and before I know it I have met my production goals. It is that simple and I feel no stress.

I have worked for 3 different companies since I left that hospital long ago but I have truly found my HOME in Med-Scribe. I just cannot express enough what a positive experience it has been.

I am an employee of Med-Scribe Information Systems and have been since 2004, that was even before they were employer/employee and I was considered an independent transcriptionist. I had applied on line when I had a move to Florida in 2004 and found the company on the Internet. I was tested and hired. Their idea for training at that time and I’m sure is currently exceptional and detailed. Any transcriptionist will tell you that’s an important factor when you’re basically working on your own.

Without giving my age away, I’m from an era when we were taught the importance of quality in our work and I believe medical transcription is very, very quality-oriented since it’s dealing with the health records of patients. I’m not saying that quantity isn’t important for both the customer and Med-Scribe which is stressed to their employees but they’re available to be of help if needed, redirection if needed and instructions that have been an important part of their company over the years.

Over my 12 years, I’ve had several times where my personal problems could have affected my work but Med-Scribe managers and HR were always available to get me through whatever….a family feeling where they cared about me and not that I was disrupting their business day. When I had a problem a few times with my computer (and my prayers didn’t seem to be making the computer get any better), I was even called by the president of Med-Scribe who helped me through the situations. In all my years of transcription at various places, never have I had that hands-on help when needed.

When I was asked to say something about Med-Scribe, I didn’t want to sound like I was hyper-inflating a company “just because,” but then I realized that I would not have continued my employment for so many years if the company wasn’t truly worth it. I feel Med-Scribe stands by their dedication to its customers and employees and nowadays you don’t find that in too many places.

Over my many years of transcribing, I’ve been told again and again that I’ll probably “drop” on my keyboard and if that’s true, I hope I’m working for Med-Scribe at the time.

“I started my MT career working in a radiology department of a hospital. From there, I worked for a service that trained and then hired me to work acute care. I have worked for 4 transcription services with Med-Scribe being the best by far of all the services. In fact, I worked for Med-Scribe for approximately 6 years and left them for what I thought were greener pastures which soon withered. I took a chance and sent my application back to Med-Scribe and have now been with them for a year. They are by far the best service I have worked for. Their platform is simple to use, and the training is absolutely superb. The supervisory staff is supportive and responsive with any questions or other needs that arise as an off-site employee. The technical support and operational support are also approachable and responsive to problems. The lines of communication are always open through a quick e-mail or a phone call. Someone will get back to me in a timely manner. I like the team of supervisory personnel, as MedScribe truly is a great team to work with. I cannot say enough good about working with Med-Scribe and am truly “home” to stay.”

Taking time to gain medical experience before medical school, I found the perfect opportunity to earn a great income and simultaneously advance my medical knowledge here at Med-Scribe. I started with simple Orthopedic clinic notes, but after I informed my manager that I was interested in learning as many specialties as possible, it was only days before I was being trained and reviewed for reports in cardiology, neurology, oncology, and others! Working at Med-Scribe is truly whatever you want to make it because the company works with such a wide range of hospitals, clinics, and physicians across the U.S. Whether your interests are very specific and you only want orthopedic spinal procedures or you want a different set of reports every day, I really do not think there is another transcription company that is large enough to accommodate such diverse interests! For me personally, the varying locations and specialties keeps the job engaging, educational, and exciting. I truly feel grateful each and every day when I log on to their system.

I have worked for Med-Scribe for 5 years. I work on the speech recognition side. It is a great place to work for the profession that we are in. ChartNet is very user friendly. We always have plenty of work and very seldom, if ever, run out. Overtime is frequently offered. The pay is competitive and is on time every time.

Management is great to work with. If you make a mistake, they will let you know, but it is handled very professionally. Our emails and phone messages are answered almost immediately. The management is very accessible. Communication is awesome. We are left alone to do our work and are not micromanaged. We also have benefits if you choose to take advantage of them. We also have PTO. We are expected to work our hours and get our line counts, but if something comes up, as things sometimes do, they will let you flex and make up your time and are easy to work with.

There is an opportunity to grow and learn new accounts and new specialties. I have been in this profession for 10 years, and compared to the other companies out there, Med-Scribe is truly many notches above the others. I love working here and am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

The service has been as advertised!

I have been employed by Med-Scribe for five years and it has been a great company to work for. Management has been great and always available and accommodating. The company has a reputation for quality, respect for its employees, and the clients it serves. I appreciate the fact that they keep all the work in the United States, which has not been the case with other transcription companies. I feel valued as an employee and have no reservations in recommending Med-Scribe to others.

I have been employed with Med-Scribe since 2009. They have an abundance of work and for those “slow periods” (which is rare), the managers always find a way to keep me working. A couple of years ago, my manager, allowed me to learn OP reports because she had faith that I can type them. I am always learning something new, working on a friendly- user platform.

Not only is the work great, but my pay is always on time and accurate. They give incentives for how many lines typed and offer medical benefits, life insurance, generous PTO, and more.

I don’t know any other company out there who offers all of this. If you are looking for a company who takes care of their own, then this is the company to work for.

I have only worked with Med-Scribe for about four months, but within the first week, I knew that I had made the right choice. The program is very easy to learn and use, so I had no problem getting my line count up to speed. Also, with 6 kids, I have had appointments and other things come up, and they have been very flexible and willing to help me work around those things.

At the time I accepted the job at Med-Scribe, I had also been offered a position in-house at a hospital for a flat hourly rate. I decided to take the job at Med-Scribe as I would have had to relocate for the other job. After getting my feet wet with the accounts, I am making more money than I would have at the hourly rate which, by the way, was generous. Med-Scribe offers production bonuses which are fairly easily met by an experienced transcriptionist, as well as overtime pay which I personally have received on almost every paycheck by going over my 8 hours a day just finishing jobs at the end of the day. Taking into account saving money on gas, wear and tear on a vehicle, wardrobe, food, days when it is possible to work from home but not go public with an illness, and daycare if applicable (even for a child’s illness), production rate-based income is yours for the taking.

From the time I have been employed, I have found the staff at Med-Scribe to always be accessible and willing to help. I have even had a supervisor answer her cell phone while in her car, out of state, on her way to her child’s wedding. In speaking with anyone at this company, I appreciate their emphasis on the positive and there is no hesitation to express their appreciation.

I have been a medical transcriptionist for 23 years. This trade has changed throughout the years, as have most trades. While change can be difficult, there is an advantage to having control over your own outcome. As an employee working from home, Med-Scribe gives the best of both worlds.

“My name is Maureen and I am 57 years old. I came to Med-Scribe in March of 2016 and was unsure of what to expect, whether this transcription place was just like some of the others that I had worked at over the past 37 years, whether it would be different. Once you begin to age, you become so resistant to change, any kind of change seems to be as insurmountable as climbing Mount Everest or having that body you used to have at 16.

Your mind tells you pretty much you are on that downhill slide.

Something different, though, happened to me here on my very first day. I was guided easily through all these transitioning steps by 4 mentors who had extreme patience, but not because they had to or it was their job. They really seemed to want to help. At first, I was skeptical because if you knew me you would know that I don’t take easily to change. I was in a new place with new people and looking at beginning again for the umpteenth time. I know that I challenged each and every one of them with my questions and my sometimes “not seeming to get it” attitude. The funny thing is that they were going to wait until that “light-bulb moment.” They knew it would come even when I was not sure it would arrive. One day, things just clicked and it was easier. It was like they knew before I did that with all those years of experience I had I would suddenly relax again into what I knew and become comfortable. They gave me accounts that corresponded to my strengths and did not make me feel overwhelmed and struggling. The greatest thing that I have gotten in the short time I have been here is feedback. Once you are done with probation and are on your own, you are never left out there on your own. They will give you feedback that you might have elicited, feedback on your account so that you can actually visibly see where you can improve, a report that shows your progress and tips on how to become faster and more accurate. I am not easily impressed with transcription services, but I do believe Med-Scribe has been most impressive in the way they run their company, treat their staff and manage their accounts.

My husband was talking to my brother about my working for Med-Scribe and he said “It is the best place she has ever worked.” I teased him mercilessly about that statement for months, and he said “it is true. I have never seen you calmer and not complaining about having to get up and go to work.” I have been with my husband for 40 years and married 35 of those; I guess he should know.

I would encourage you to take the same step I did, call it a leap of faith, call it whatever you want, but there is no doubt In my mind that you will be grateful for giving it a chance. These are good people with good principles and good values. This is not just your typical transcription service. These are people who really do care.”

I have worked at Med-Scribe since January 2012. I started part-time and went to full-time about a year and a half ago. I have worked in the medical transcription field for 30 years. I have never worked for a better company. From the wonderful trainer with all the patience in the world, to where I’m at now I can honestly say I love my job and the people I work for. The flexibility is great and one of the pluses of working here. My supervisors have always treated me with respect and have always been kind. Coming from my previous job, this was a huge thing for me. I enjoy the accounts I work on and have had many different ones over the years with additions since. I feel that my supervisors have a respect for me also and entrust me with being able to do a wide variety of documents/dictators. Truly makes me feel like I’m valued. Birthday cards in the mail, nice holiday emails from HR, Christmas cards and gifts, as well as games during transcription week are very nice also. Although I work at home and have never met any of the supervisors in “real life”, I feel closer to them than at my previous job where we were made to feel like robots with none of the bonuses mentioned above. I feel part of a family at Med-Scribe and love my job.

I have been in this profession for 36 years and 23 of those years have been working for home based companies. I have worked in the capacity as MT, ME, QA/QC, and Team Lead, for numerous other companies. I have been with Med-Scribe now for 4 years. I have only good things to say about this company. I was matched with work according my skills. The initial training experience was awesome. Very detailed. I truly like the platform that I work on. It is so easy and user friendly. So many functions are available on this platform compared to other platforms I have worked on. There is always someone available to answer any questions or issues that I may have in a timely manner. No issue is too big or too small for my supervisors. They are always available to help me when needed. I am pleased with the benefits that are offered. QA feedback is a plus as well. Very informative. I like the accounts that were assigned to me and I always learn something new every day.

I consider myself a seasoned medical editor at this juncture in my life as I have devoted a lot of years in this field. Things have changed so much since I first began this profession, but we must always strive and be open minded to try new things and adjust to current times. It is hard at times, but this company makes things so much easier with having such a wonderful group of people helping every step of the way. I plan to be here for a long time. I have recommended to a lot of my past coworkers to apply to Med-Scribe like I did 4 years ago which is a decision I do not regret it for 1 minute. I am so thankful for my job and honestly can say I am happy in this profession even after 36 years.

When Box Butte General Hospital made the decision to outsource our transcription we looked into several companies and chose Med-Scribe for various reasons.

  1. The ease of transitioning to their system and building an interface to transfer information back and forth and to upload all completed documents.
  2. The turnaround time has been excellent.
  3. The Med-Scribe staff is very helpful and is always responsive to any requests we have. We have a pleasant relationship with everyone we communicate with.
  4. We have never experienced any ‘downtime’ with their software program.

When considering an outside transcription company, I highly recommend Med-Scribe.

“Change in employment is one of the most stressful life events. Personally I had worked as in-hospital transcriptionist for many years and finally had the opportunity to work as a transcriptionist from home. With changes in the field came changes in companies I worked for. My change to MedScribe has been a joy with absolutely no regrets. The staff are
fantastic and a supervisor is only a phone call or e-mail away if help is needed. I feel MedScribe values my employment with them and sees me as an individual with goals, struggles and doubts and they are always there to encourage me. Wages are competitive and benefits are great.

Plus I share my office with my adorable dogs – who can ask for more?!

So thank you MedScribe for making this change in my life one of the least stressful, most pleasant of my life!!”

After almost 15 years in the industry, I began with Med-Scribe in 2010. From the start I was made to feel supported, appreciated, and valued for my experience and hard work. There has always been plenty of work to go around, open communication with supervisors, and constructive feedback from editors which helps me grow and become better as an MT. For the first time in my career, I truly feel part of a team! I’ve been very happy working for Med-Scribe, and anytime I’m asked what company I work for, I’m always proud to say Med-Scribe.