About Med-Scribe Information Systems

About Med-Scribe Information Systems


Med-Scribe's Founder and CEO John Langley was driven by a desire to make the medical transcription process more efficient and effective. John learned through his healthcare industry experiences that delays and quality problems in medical transcription cost healthcare organizations millions in lost revenue and patient care delays.

Confident that medical transcription outsourcing could be greatly improved, John started Med-Scribe in 1992. His vision was clear:

  • Produce quality transcription
  • Reduce turnaround times
To reach this vision, Langley committed to only hiring highly experienced U.S. healthcare documentation specialists. An advanced training program was also established to guarantee these objectives were met.

To this day, Med-Scribe takes pride in its world-class, 100% U.S. staff.


As a testament to the principles from which we were founded, Med-Scribe consistently delivers medical transcription services with minimal to zero errors, fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. We currently serve more than 80 health care organizations across the United States, ranging from small clinics and physicians groups to large acute care hospitals.


The core principles that made us successful for twenty years will continue to drive our growth, advancement and future direction

  • Produce quality transcription and reduce turnaround times
  • Employ experienced and knowledgeable U.S. staff
  • Deliver exceptional customer service without fail