Transcription Solutions for Clinics & Physician Groups

Transcription Solutions for Clinics & Physician Groups

Clinics and physicians' groups are under intense pressure to implement EHRs for many reasons and often do so without anticipating the resulting loss in physician productivity. EHR templating and front-end voice recognition solutions that require workflow adjustments and task the physician with administrative duties are disruptive to workflow and take away from patient care delivery.


There is a solution: Med-Scribe


EHR users?

Med-Scribe gives physicians the best of both worlds. Well-rehearsed dictations and their subjective narrative co-exist alongside EHR templated objective data, enabling the whole patient encounter to be told.

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No EHR?... No problem.

Many physicians are using paper-based charts. Med-Scribe's web-based document management system allows you to manage all parts of the transcription process from anywhere with internet connectivity. Powerful features include report archival and search capabilities, on-line editing, and audio file management including on-line playback. Customized document workflow features include physician electronic signature and distribution options such as remote print, electronic file delivery, and auto-faxing of reports. Management reporting include reconciliation reports, and detailed billing reports than be run on demand at anytime.


Med-Scribe's Pricing is Clear, Simple and Verifiable
  • No long term agreements
  • No service or maintenance contracts
  • All installation and training costs included
  • All ongoing tech support included
  • All software upgrades included


Mobile Dictation Using any iOS Device

Med-Scribe offers a mobile dictation solution for anyone using an Apple iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. Dictations are securely and automatically uploaded to Med-Scribe’s data center after each dictation is completed providing the physician with visMual indicators indicating a successful upload.

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