EHR Optimization for Clinics & Physician Groups

EHR Optimization for Clinics & Physician Groups

Clinics and physician groups are under intense pressure to implement EHRs and maintain a level of physician satisfaction. Point-and-click methods and EHR templates leave the medical record void of objective findings that tell the real patient story. Front-end voice recognition technology works for some, but physician productivity is lost by performing administrative self-editing instead of time providing patient care and frustrates many.

There is a solution: Med-Scribe.

By allowing dictated narrative to be easily processed back into the EHR, Med-Scribe improves the efficiency of medical documentation and allows the doctor to rely the familiar process of dictation. Once converted to text utilizing Med-Scribe's back-end speech recognition team of U.S. medical language editors and transcriptionists, reports are seamlessly returned to the client's EHR through HL7 real-time interfaces or by a Med-Scribe on-line remote scribe. The Med-Scribe on-line remote scribe will finalize the report by combining the dictated narrative and instructions with previously captured data pertaining to each patient encounter.

Interfacing and Integration

Med-Scribe interfacing capabilities bridge the gaps between patient schedule interfaces, transcription and EHR systems to improve documentation workflow. Med-Scribe's interface engine allows us to utilize HL7 specifications provided by your vendor and standard HL7 interfaces are always done at NO CHARGE for the client.

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