Dangers of Front-End Speech Recognition

Dangers of Front-End Speech Recognition

A recent article entitled, 'The Human Touch,' in For The Record magazine highlights a recent 2014 study in The International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance. It found, on average, 315,000 errors in every one million dictations made by physicians utilizing front-end speech recognition.

Can we accept this percentage of errors on a
patient's permanent record without
adversely impacting patient care?

The obvious answer is NO!

An extra set of professionally trained eyes is critical
to protecting the integrity of each patient's medical information.

As early adapters of speech recognition technology, Med-Scribe Information Systems has remained committed to delivering a back-end speech adoption model with five primary goals in mind:

  • Improved physician satisfaction and increased productivity with no changes to existing workflow
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved EHR adoption
  • Better data for outcome analysis, coping and compliance with ICD-10
  • Significant cost reduction

Utilizing U.S.-only speech recognition editors to perform the QA process for the physician's benefit, Med-Scribe guarantees an accuracy rate no lower than 98.5% on every dictated report through our company's Continuous Quality Improvement program.

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