Technology to Benefit Medical Transcription

Technology to Benefit Medical Transcription

Documenting patients notes is something that every medical practice must do. The problem that healthcare practices face is the overload of documentation. Even if they use advanced technology and software, it doesn't always work for their practice. The good news is there are ways to use technology to benefit the transcription process.

Transcribing Issues for Providers

Studies show that providers spend at least 6 hours per day documenting notes. Many healthcare facilities use some kind of electronic health record (EHR) system to record and file patient notes.

Quantity Over Quality
As practices grow, there's either a lack of documentation or the documents have many errors. The pressure to produce quick documentation leads to these errors. Doctors must spend some amount of work taking notes but if they're spending too much time that means they're not with their patients. Either they need an EHR system or their current one isn't working for them.

Inaccurate Documentation
Providers are finding that patient charts lack sufficient notes. This not only hurts their practice, but it can hurt patient care. Since doctors are in a hurry to take their notes, the records are not accurate or don't have enough information.


Benefits of Medical Transcription Technology

Technology has come a long way in the medical field. Although it's not perfect, many healthcare practices find that it helps streamline records and much more.

Saves Time and Money
Many practices lose thousands of dollars because doctors spend too much time documenting notes. Providers should spend their time with patients rather than in front of a computer screen. Many EHR systems offer speech recognition to transcribe patients notes.

After a few other steps from staff members, the notes stay secure with the correct patient's record. This cuts down time the doctors spend dictating patient notes.

Improves Clinical Documentation
Most EHR systems have front-end speech recognition, language translations, and other helpful tools. This software cuts down the time you spend typing and dictating notes. This also reduces errors in the transcription process. The best way to utilize this system is for providers to dictate thorough notes immediately and let the software handle the rest.

Available Services
There are several companies that offer transcription software assistance. These companies help review your documents for completion and errors so you can save time. They abide by the same HIPAA and patient privacy laws as your practice.


Is Medical Transcription Technology Right for Your Practice?

If you want to improve your record keeping and spend more time with your patients, consider using more technology. Be aware that not every system will work for your practice. Larger healthcare facilities will have different needs that private practices. The goal in technology is to increase provider efficiency.

It's important for you to find what works for your practice. You want a system that will save you time and money while keeping accurate records. Choose a system that doesn't require consistent employee training. If you have to consistently train, you'll time and money as well.

Keep in mind technology challenges in transcription as you consider one that benefits your practice.

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