Bibliography – EHR-related Articles and Studies

Bibliography – EHR-related Articles and Studies

Compile date: June, 2014

The following articles and research studies document the on-going crisis in healthcare documentation resulting from the inefficiencies of many EHR-based clinical documentation workflows.

Online Periodicals:

  1. Leventhal, Rajiv, "Premier Survey: Many Providers Remain Dissatisfied With EHRs, Despite Heavy Investments", Healthcare Informatics, June 2, 2014,
  2. Chesanow, Neil, "Doctors are Talking: EHRs Destroy the Patient Encounter", Medscape (access requires free registration), May 22, 2014,
  3. Brink, Susan, "Survey: Health Records Hassle Is Top Area of Doctor Dissatisfaction", US News and World Report, March 11, 2014,
  4. Hirsch, Marla Durben, "RAND: EHRs ‘significantly worsened’ doc satisfaction", FierceEMR, March 18,2014,
  5. Gunderman, Richard, "Doctors and Tech: Who Serves Whom?", The Atlantic, March 20, 2014,
  6. Goodman, Louis and Tim Norbeck, "Technology Is Interfering With Your Doctor's Visit - And It's Driving Physicians Crazy", Forbes, March 4, 2014,
  7. Verdon, Daniel R, "Physician outcry on EHR functionality, cost will shake the health information technology sector", Medical Economics, February 10, 2014,
  8. Lowes, Robert, "EHR Rankings Hint at Physician Revolt", Medscape (access requires    free registration), February 3, 2014,
  9. McNickle, Michelle, "Dissatisfaction Rampant Among Community Hospital EHR Users",
    InformationWeek HealthCare, January 4, 2013,
  10. Miliard, Mike, "Physicians air EHR frustrations", March 5, 2013, Healthcare IT News,
  11. Quinn, Frank, "What are doctors frustrated in using EHR?", MedCity News, November 7, 2013,
  12. Jones, Susan, "Doctors' Dissatisfaction With EHRs May Be 'Early Warning of Deeper Quality Problems'",, October 18, 2013,
  13. Hirsch, Marla Durban, "AMA: EHR documentation ‘pure torment’", FierceEMR, May 6, 2013,
  14. Terry, Ken, "Doctors are Increasingly Dissatisfied with EHRs", iHealthBeat, April 29, 2013,
  15. Gerdeman, Dina, "How Electronic Patient Records Can Slow Doctor Productivity", Harvard Business School, March 26, 2014,
  16. Brookstone, Alan MD, "HIMSS13 – EHR Satisfaction Diminishing", American EHR, March 6, 2013,
  17. Johnson, Kate, "Too Much Information: Are EHRs Drowning Primary Care?", Medscape Medical News, February 14, 2012,  (requires free Medscape login to access)
  18. Dolan, Pamela Lewis, "Doctors’ love-hate relationship with EHRs", American Medical     Association American Medical News, May 7, 2012,
  19. Cerrato, Paul, "How to Ease EHR Frustration", InformationWeek HealthCare, May 4,  2012,
  20. Crosson, Jesse C et al, "Typical Electronic Health Record Use in Primary Care Practices and the Quality of Diabetes Care", Annals of Family Medicine, May/June 2012,
  21. McCormick, Danny et al, "Giving Office-Based Physicians Electronic Access To Patients’ Prior Imaging And Lab Results Did Not Deter Ordering Of Tests", Health Affairs, March 2012,

Research Studies:

  1. Montague, Enid and Onur Asan, "Dynamic modeling of patient and physician eye gaze to understand the effects of electronic health records on doctor–patient communication and attention", International Journal of Medical Informatics, March 2014,
  2. American College of Physicians, "Survey of Clinicians: User satisfaction with electronic health records has decreased since 2010", March 5, 2013,
  3. Medscape, "EHR Report 2012: Physicians Rank Top EHRs", August 23, 2012, Medscape,
  4. Brunk, Doug, "Survey: EHR use cuts into resident education, productivity", Family Practice News, October 2, 2013,
  5. Hill, Robert G. Jr., MD et al, "4000 Clicks: a productivity analysis of electronic medical records in a community hospital ED", The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, May 14, 2013,
  6. Bernat, James L. MD, "Ethical and quality pitfalls in electronic health records", Neurology, March 12, 2013,

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