Med-Scribe US Quality and Back-End Voice Recognition

Med-Scribe US Quality and Back-End Voice Recognition

Ensuring Continuous Quality in a Speech Recognition Environment

When it comes to error-free clinical documentation in healthcare, many existing front-end technology solutions have been created with a primary goal of increasing physician productivity and physician electronic health record (EHR) adoption.

These front-end solutions fail to recognize the importance of the human oversight required to ensure accurate documentation of these patient encounters and often involve a workflow process that puts the burden of this responsibility back on the physician.

A recent article entitled, ‘The Human Touch,' in For The Record magazine highlighted a recent 2014 study in The International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance. It found, on average, 315,000 errors made by physicians in every one million dictations ( ).

This study highlights the obvious need to integrate quality assurance into the documentation process. During the front-end voice recognition process, however, the physician's productivity is impacted adversely by self-editing dictated reports.

To counteract this loss of productivity, the self-editing process often is rushed by the physician, resulting in unwanted errors in the patient's permanent health record. Everyone knows a quality assurance(QA) process that utilizes an extra set of professionally trained eyes always is better.

As early adapters of speech recognition technology, Med-Scribe Information Systems has remained committed to delivering a back-end speech adoption model with five primary goals in mind:

  • Improved physician satisfaction and increased productivity
  • Improved EHR adoption
  • Better data for outcome analysis, coping and compliance
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Improved accuracy

Utilizing U.S.-only speech recognition editors to perform the QA process for the physician's benefit, Med-Scribe guarantees an accuracy rate no lower than 98.5% on every dictated report through our company's Continuous Quality Improvement program.

Our mission is to deliver back to the dictating physician a document that is ready to be reviewed and authenticated the first time, keeping the physician productive and minimally involved in the editing process. Med-Scribe understands by making the overall documentation process easier for the physician, EHR adoption will improve and better data will be collected.

To learn more about Med-Scribe's success utilizing back-end speech recognition combined
with U.S.-only medical language editors, please visit or contact Mike
Irwin, VP of Sales and Marketing,, at 1-800-329-1601 ext. 290.

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