Choosing A Medical Transcription Services Organization

Choosing A Medical Transcription Services Organization

More medical offices today are using technology to benefit their documentation. Some practices use various electronic health recording (EHR) software to keep track of dictations and patient files. Medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs) offer personalized services that help streamline documentation and transcription tasks. This saves medical practices time and money.

What Does a Medical Transcription Services Organization Do?
With all the changes in technology today, many medical practices aren’t taking advantage of all the services a professional medical transcription service provider has to offer. An MTSO seeks to provide medical offices, hospitals, and health clinics with their transcription needs. These companies usually provide healthcare facilities with full transcription services.

Once you send provider documentation to an MTSO, they transcribe, edit, and review notes for you. Some companies even keep access to an electronic filing system and handle that for you as well.

Does Your Practice Need Medical Transcription Service?
Unfortunately, due to an increase in medical technology, the need for MTSOs are decreasing rapidly. Since most practices use electronic health records (EHR) now, there is less of a need to use an MTSO. Speech recognition software is advancing and practices are taking advantage of their convenience and efficiency.

There are however some smaller practices that want a personal touch to their transcription services. MTSOs employ personal teams to ensure accuracy in documentation and give you real-time updates on your documents. If you prefer a personal touch and promise of document accuracy, consider hiring an MTSO for your transcription needs.

Choosing a Medical Transcription Service Organization

Don't choose an MTSO too quickly. It's important to establish your goals and carefully research the companies that meet your goals. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a company.

Make sure the company has many years of experience in transcription and documentation reviews. Also, carefully think about going with a smaller company. Even if the smaller company has been around for many years, small companies won't be around much longer.

With advancements in technology, smaller companies are declining. Research larger companies that have experience and high ratings of accurate performance.

Look at the communication and language skills of the company. If your documents contain any language barriers, the MTSO must have the language skills to translate them properly. Make sure the company clearly understands your needs and is willing to communicate often with you.

Privacy Guidelines
The company you choose should follow the same HIPAA guidelines and standards as your practice. This way you can ensure the protection of your company as well as theirs.

Some MTSOs offer additional benefits if you work with them. Check and see what kind of transcription services they offer. Some of them offer billing, coding, and other resources you can take advantage of.

Turn-Around Time
Before you choose a company, ask about their turn-around time. Most companies offer document processing within 12-24 hours. Don't choose a company that plans to keep your documents too long.

These are a few factors to consider when you're choosing an MTSO. No matter what company you choose, make sure you pick one that wants to invest in good relationship with your practice.

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