When Onboarding Medical Transcriptionists Goes Wrong

When Onboarding Medical Transcriptionists Goes Wrong

A recent Becker’s article authored by Jessica Kim Cohen highlights the Politico analysis by assistant editor Danny Vinik that explores the rise of “alternative work arrangements” that are having a major impact on the conventional workforce of America.

Article highlights:

  • Alternative work arrangements that include outsourcing have reduced full-time employment positions by as much as 400,000 workers between 2005-2015.
  • In the industry of medical transcription, the trend towards outsourcing has continued to grow as well, with some disastrous PR impact.
  • UPMC’s decision to outsource is referenced as an outsourcing decision that resulted in negative feedback on both the employer and the chosen vendor …..Nuance.

How does Med-Scribe manage transcription outsourcing and employee onboarding to ensure success?

  • Med-Scribe manages expectations. Employer’s outsourcing objectives are carefully analyzed including a pro forma financial study of the outsourced employee to provide a cost comparison of hospital benefit carrying charges against those of Med-Scribe.
  • This comparison allows the employer the opportunity to provide a more comprehensive bridge package to outsourced employees to eliminate gaps in benefits and provide transition assistance.
  • Any differences are explained to the outsourced staff using one-on-one outsourcing counseling provided by Med-Scribe.
  • This onboarding counseling ensures onboarded employees of Med-Scribe have real earnings and benefit expectations of what to expect since most are moving into a production pay environment and away from an hourly rate.
  • By managing expectations, Med-Scribe has gained a reputation as a company that understands that our success depends on the recruitment and retention of a qualified staff committed to providing a service level that exceeds expectations.

Read the article in its entirety here – When onboarding goes wrong!

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