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Change Management and its Application in Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Changing from an in-house transcription solution to an outsourced provider can be a truly daunting decision for CFO's, HIM executives, and physicians. Not only is the decision a major change for the internal dynamics of the hospital, but the hospital must trust a service organization that is in the midst of a rapidly changing industry.…
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Med-Scribe US Quality and Back-End Voice Recognition

Ensuring Continuous Quality in a Speech Recognition Environment When it comes to error-free clinical documentation in healthcare, many existing front-end technology solutions have been created with a primary goal of increasing physician productivity and physician electronic health record (EHR) adoption. These front-end solutions fail to recognize the importance of the human oversight required to ensure…
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Dangers of Front-End Speech Recognition

A recent article entitled, 'The Human Touch,' in For The Record magazine highlights a recent 2014 study in The International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance. It found, on average, 315,000 errors in every one million dictations made by physicians utilizing front-end speech recognition. Can we accept this percentage of errors on apatient's permanent record withoutadversely…
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EHRs Can Place Excessive Data Entry Burden on Physicians

Required Structured Data Only Small Percentage of Typical Patient Note Naples, FL, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A new industry study released today and shared by MedScribe Information Systems ( indicates that as little as 7% of data in a typical patient note is required to be structured in order to meet Meaningful Use. The…
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