Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Effective, Efficient, Affordable, and Clinically Precise

Medical CodingMed-Scribe's offering of full range of proven medical coding services ensures rapid turnaround, reduced backlogs, improved cash flow, streamlined coding operations, and reduction of non-compliance risk.

Clinically trained and certified staff can perform the coding/billing functions for virtually any department in your health system, including but not limited to:

  • ED: Facility & ED profee: E/M leveling, physician billing
  • IP: Acute medical and surgical across all clinical specialties (facility coding as well as physician billing), sub-acute, specialty rehab and psych
  • OP: Ambulatory surgery across all product lines, cardiac caths/stents, infusions, blood transfusions, clinics (facility and physician coding/billing)
  • Radiology: Diagnostic/therapeutic modalities
  • IR: Angiography/phlebography, interventions
  • Forensic Coding: bill audits, NCCI edit resolution and clinical appeals

Labor Expertise and Credentialing:

Medical CodingAt the cornerstone of Med-Scribe's partnership are 400+ medical coders that are full-time employees. Each medical coder has a four-year bachelor's degree in nursing along with multiple certifications, including AHIMA CCS, CCS-P credential, or AAPC's CPC and/or CPC-H credential. As nursing school graduates, our coders are well-versed in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and disease process. Their extensive education well positions them for developing and demonstrating ICD-10 expertise.

It is important to note: these are employees - not contractors. They are paid salaries, with healthcare and other benefits. We do not pay for piece-meal work, and high-quality production standards are the expectation and accuracy is required and constantly monitored. Criminal background checks and drug screens are performed before we hire any employee.