Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding Services

Celebrating over 25 years as a trusted partner for Health System Revenue Cycle Management Services Nationwide, Med-Scribe is pleased to announce their partnership with the industry’s leading provider of outsourced coding labor.

Medical CodingMedical Coding Service Line Offering:

Benefits of Coding Services

These Medical Coding Services have enabled 100+ United States healthcare providers at over 500 physical locations, resolve denials, improve cash flow, and obtain reviews that enable them to better understand their business.

Revenue Cycle Management issues that are resolved with Med-Scribe's coding solution include:

  • Efficiently aiding in the management of your changing workload volumes
  • Delivering highly accurate coding assignments in a timely manner
  • Improving revenue cycle management processes to minimize potential billing/compliance issues
  • Reducing DNFB, lost reimbursement, backlogs, and non-compliance risk

Medical CodingReviewing accounts held by bill scrubber edits and technical issues allows our customers to submit clean medical claims and recover revenue based exclusively on a contingency pricing model. Customers can redirect valuable medical coder's time from reviewing small dollar amounts to processing higher dollar accounts. coders can then review and correct these denials at a fraction of our customer's internal cost to re-capture this lost revenue.

Over 70% of hospitals report internal conflicts when managing bill scrubber edits and technical issue denied claims. Our coding service lines relieve your HIM, Patient Accounting/Registration and Clinical area conflicts over who should 'fix' these accounts. NCCI edits, part of the Correct Coding Initiative, help ensure the integrity of claims submitted to payors. These edits take staff time to investigate and correct, regardless of where organizations assign the responsibility of "clean up". Often, they are returned to medical coders, impacting the number of charts coded and increasing DNFB. Our medical coding service lines are purposely designed to resolve internal conflicts and yield increased revenue without displacing employees or adding to workload.